Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater (A Post Full With Squeeing and Fangirling)

Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater (A Post Full With Squeeing and Fangirling)

So, somewhere in April/May, I heard that Maggie Stiefvater’s new release Sinner, will come with a bookwrap and an autograph.

However, this was for US only. Luckily, thanks to her help, I was able to order Sinner from a bookshop in the US that also delivered to my tiny country.

However, it was quite a decision to make.

For one, it was quite expensive (especially the delivery, which costed around 25/26 euro), but I felt like it was worth it. I generally don’t have a chance to get autographs since authors don’t come to my country, and also I loved Shiver and the rest of the books so I was already planning on buying this book. Why not make it a special edition then.
The second thing and also the third thing that worried me were: “Will it get here?/Won’t it get lost/disappear? (like what happens sometimes with packages)”, and the third thing that worried me was my country’s customs. They are pretty evil in regards with getting things delivered and tend to ask for quite a bit of money at times just so you can have your package. So yeah, I was worried that next to the already high price of getting the book, I might have to pay a hefty amount to receive it.

Luckily, yes, very luckily, after 3 weeks, I received the book in prime/good condition today (it was wrapped twice in protective bubblewrap and envelops!  And even better; no customs, no nothing, so I just danced a little victory dance. 🙂 And now I will share with you all some lovely pictures of the book, the wrap and the autograph.

With Wrap
Without the Wrap
Autograph. <3 <3
The whole book wrap. Isn’t it Gorgeous? <3

As you can see, it is pretty dang gorgeous and I can say this, I wasn’t expecting this. I saw pictures of course, but it is so totally different when you see it in real life. It is well worth the money I spend on it and I am so happy that I went ahead and pre-ordered this at that store.

Thanks Maggie Stiefvater for your help, and thanks to Fountain bookshop for delivering to my country and also thanks for how well-wrapped and protected the book was.

I can’t wait to start reading this one, soooo excited. And this book will be sure to get a special place in my bookshelves/cases. 🙂

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