Is this a Zombie? Vol 8

Is this a Zombie? Vol 8

9780316376778A wonderful volume to end a series. Though I am sad that it is now over. I think there is still enough they could have done, still could have touched.

The final battle, I expected more from it, but in the end it was resolved too fast, too soon and too easy. I had hoped for another solution, another thing. Maybe more battle. Instead this volume was practically porn at times. Sorry, but the others had a lot of ecchi, this one went even further. There was so much nakedness, almost sex scenes (mostly Ayumu’s fantasy), so many underwear shots, I was just uncomfortable at times and that is why I am giving -1 star for this volume. I don’t mind some fanservice, but this was overkill. Especially for a last volume.

The characters are fun though, and I will miss them. Their antics, their relationship with Ayumu.

All in all, I would recommend this series, but only to those 18+. The first volumes are quite tame, but the latter ones, no. Not for younger eyes.


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