Review for 17 First Kisses

Review for 17 First Kisses

18602660I was hoping I would enjoy this book, and at times I did, but at most times I didn’t. I think it mostly because the topics didn’t match and it was just too much. We got kisses, slut shaming, rivalry, popularity, family drama, death, abuse, depressions, dating a teacher and some other stuff. Normally this all might make a good book, but it felt mostly patched together in this book.

I was just shaking my head at all the slut shaming. So someone kissed 4 guys in one night as part of a revenge thing (stupid thing to do though, I could have told her it might not work as planned) and she is a slut? While the guy who cheated on her is totally awesome and popular? Uh, what? No. Just No.

Claire, while apparently being smart (she follows AP classes), came over as really naive, really stupid and seems to have problems with making decisions and staying away from things. I also didn’t get why the hell she was with Megan. Sure at times Megan was a really nice friend, but come on girl, she stole boyfriends from you, is a total b*tch when you talk to one of the guys she is interested in and various other things. If that was my friend, I am sorry, but no matter the good things, there is enough wrong there to make me just want to walk away.

That rivalry between Megan and Claire was just absolutely silly.

I didn’t like Luke at all. He was highly unlikeable. Why did he never just say he didn’t like Megan and just turned away from her. Why did he flirt with both of them? What kind of prick is he?
He and Megan just broke up (Finally!!!!) and what does Luke do? Go over to Claire and date/kiss with her. What kind of freaking mean guy are you? You don’t just dump a girl and then date the next one. Oh and let’s keep it secret. Yes, that is just the most brilliant idea ever! Not.

And of course it comes out, you could easily guess that, and I am sorry, I don’t like slut shaming, but you just had almost sex with your best friend’s just ex-boyfriend….. that is just wrong. What did you expect would happen? That everyone would throw fricking flowers over you and congratulate you? That everyone would be happy? And you still go on with Luke? Even after everything??? shakes head Sorry, but Claire must be one of the most idiotic characters ever.

sighsThose last few pages were urgh. So typical and so cliché. That revenge plan. rolls eyes Oh God, that cliché? Seriously? No, just no. I had some suspicions about it at the beginning, but I was just hoping they wouldn’t use it, but they did….

Also 17 kisses? There are only 16 (if you don’t count all the kissing she did with Luke or the other boys). Number 17 was just a thought, a maybe, not even a real kiss, nothing.

All in all, no I didn’t particularly like this book especially after about 20/25%. The first part was ok, and I was thinking about 4 stars, then second part with all the drama it became 3, then 2, and well with that ending, sorry just a 1 is all I will give. It was a bit of a chore to get through it and I was very happy when I was done.

Would I recommend this one? No.


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