Review for Magnolia

Review for Magnolia

9781442485358The book grabbed me because of the Romeo and Juliet retelling part. Now while indeed you can see the references, I would rather called it inverted Romeo and Juliet or Romeo and Juliet with a twist. Instead of having parents/family who hate each other, we got 2 families/2 parents couples who love each other and are trying (too hard it seems) to get their 2 kids together and let them get married.

That was one of the problems I had with the book (though it wasn’t a big problem), I just didn’t like all the pushiness of the parents, especially the moms. Guys, we aren’t living in whatever age it was when you still coupled your kids. Just leave them alone and let nature/love do its things.

Other than that, the characters were lovely. I loved Jemma, and while it took me a while, I also started loving Ryder. Jemma was awesome, with her gun, her smarts and her wits. Though I didn’t like how at times she acted like a little spoiled brat, but luckily those don’t take long and you will love her again.

I loved the accents (wish I could hear them in real life), and I really liked the descriptions of her town and her place, I just felt like I was there.

My favourite part would be the storm part, so much was happening. We got confessions, scary darkness, tornadoes touching down, and some romantic stuff. I just wished the storm would never stop. Sadly it did, but luckily the next part was just as good. I loved Ryder and Jemma’s plans and their sneaking around.

All in all it was a lovely book and I would recommend it.


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