Review for Random

Review for Random

18629767This was a marvellous, interesting, great book, and I am glad I was able to read it.

Tori at first I liked her, but as soon as I knew what she had done, the betrayal, the mean girl attitude, I started disliking her. Especially since it seems she had absolutely no clue what she did wrong. In her eyes, she was innocent and she didn’t feel like she didn’t have anything to do with what happened to a friend. How dumb can you be girl? Did you even see what you wrote? Did you even see how your friend reacted to those? Didn’t you see him ask you to stop. I can imagine you wanted friends, popularity and more, but this isn’t the way. You can’t just bully someone into death, and then expect to just frolic through life like nothing happened. Sure you didn’t hang the rope around his neck, you didn’t throw him of the balcony, BUT you were a cause, you were one of the reason he killed himself, and you will have to see that. I also was shaking my head when the big revelation happened and Tori was totally oblivious as to what happened.

I really liked how Tori was thrown head first in a request made by a caller. To give him a reason to live. What follows is a very interesting conversation, though I had times I was just annoyed at the caller. I found him rude, mean and I was wondering why and how. Luckily the explanation at the end was good, and it made for a nice twist in the end.

I liked that we had those facebook/internet posts, were we can clearly see what happened and what Tori did.

Now that twist at the ending? I loved it. It was awesome and while I could have seen it coming, it was still a surprise.

Now the reason why this isn’t a 5 star? Because we never ever find out what happens to Tori. Did she get found guilty? Innocent? Did she ever go back to school? What happened there? So many questions, and so little answers. So -0.5 star for that.

All in all though, this book is pretty good, though you might be annoyed with Tori’s attitude at times.


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