Review for Ready for a Scare?

Review for Ready for a Scare?

10118464-1 star for disappointing ending. Let’s start with that. Man that ending was soooo disappointing. And not even that but the thing that happened before it. Let’s just say we had a totally awesome book, awesome scary events happening, and bang, bye bye scariness and hello lame explanation which ruined the book for me. I am just pretending that that didn’t happen and instead we continue with were we left off.

The main character was so-so. I didn’t like her attitude of always trying to scare people. I keep wanting to tell her about the boy who cried wolf, in the end no one believed him. And I am sure that will happen to her to, should she continue with this. In the end there really will be a dangerous situation, and no one will believe her, rather laugh at her, with big consequences.

I did like the whole sleeping party and the whole story that came out of that. But again, that ending. Urgh. It happens quite often in this series, awesome story and then bang, some explanation and gone is the scary mood. 🙁


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