Review for Sket Dance Vol.1

Review for Sket Dance Vol.1

9784088744636I watched the anime for this some months ago, and since that one ended (sadly), I decided to read the manga. I am changing my plans a bit though, I won’t read all the volumes, I will just start at whatever chapter/volume the anime ended.

Why? Because this first volume was nothing new, everything was animated, and I can say this: It looked better animated. So I hope that I will get some new content when I start reading the chapters/volumes that the anime didn’t touch.

The characters, I love them, they are really great. It took some time getting used to them, but as you get to know them you will like them more and more. Eventually you will even be cheering for them.

One reason why I love this manga/anime is because of all the puns, parodies and jokes that happen on every page.

I would recommend this manga if you need something funny, and if you like school life manga.


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