Review for The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

Review for The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

9781407120690I think it is good that I didn’t get to read book 1 before I read the other books. I think if I read this book before the others, I wouldn’t have continued with the series.

Tom is still Tom in this book, but he is way more annoying and more of a bully than in the other books.

I know he is already bullying that classmate of his, but in this book he does quite a few more things. Sure that classmate is annoying, but that is no excuse to draw things that he is an idiot, publicly humiliate him, and some other things.

Then we have his sister. Sure she is grumpy, doesn’t always do the right things, but to sing a rude song about her, to invite a dog, while you know she is allergic… No. Allergies are serious, I have allergies and I can tell you it is no fun. A few hairs or a few other things of the animal I am allergic to, and I will be sneezing, coughing and my skin starts doing funny things. In the later books he is also pestering his sister, but for some reason it isn’t as bad as it is here.

I can imagine Amy (who seems stuck-up) not liking Tom that much.

Otherwise, the book is still fun, the illustrations really add to the book and the story.

I am glad to see that Tom does change in the later books. Becomes more of a student, and grows up a bit.

I still need to read book 2, if I ever can find it. I already had to get this book from another library I am member of (and this was the only one they had in English), and the other library I got the rest from didn’t have 1 and 2. 🙁 I hope one day to find it. Since while I think this book is good, I wouldn’t buy them.


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