Review for the Fourteenth Goldfish

Review for the Fourteenth Goldfish

97803759706414.5 stars.

This one is a short, but gorgeous book about growing up, about science, about family, and a bit about goldfish.

I absolutely loved the book, though I have rated it 4.5 and not 5 for one reason: The Grandfather, I know, I know he is technically an adult, but looks like a teenager now and is under the care of his daughter. He had good times (like when he taught Ellie science, or tried to steal that jellyfish) but he also had times that I just hated him. For how he acted with his daughter, how he embarrassed her a few times, how he never seemed happy with her choices (she picked theatre, while he wanted her to get PhDs). I wish he could just be happy for her, see that she is happy, that she has a good life, with a great boyfriend.

I loved the premise. Grandfather finds a cure for old age, and turns in a teenager. Things happen and he is now under the care of his daughter. I really liked that, the thought that a jellyfish might hold the answers to old age and fountain of youth. And I also liked the idea of someone old turning back to a teenager. Especially in this age with all the things that are so new and that older people don’t always know or use.

I loved Ellie, she was a wonderful character and I just loved seeing her growing up, from a kid who didn’t know what she liked, who was wondering if she was at the wrong place (both her parents love theatre, she not so much), to a kid who knew she loves science, that she takes after her Grandfather, that she has a place now.
She loses one friend, but luckily finds a new one. One who doesn’t ditch her for other things.

I loved the ending (my favourites: Mom + Ben, the slippers (read and you find out their meaning)).

I would truly recommend this book to everyone. Me? I will be buying this one when it comes out in paperback. 🙂


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