Review for The Ride of Your Life

Review for The Ride of Your Life

9781442497290I would have liked this better if there were a few things that were changed. The kids (Sydney and Gabby) were idiots. You were warned multiple times about that fair and they were even warned at the fair eventually (and there were enough hints and warnings) you have seen it magically appear/disappear, and yet you go there and yet you stay and eat and do everything there. Sorry, but instead of feeling sympathy for those kids I was actually happy they were getting what they deserved.

We also have a typical P.J. Night ending, nothing conclusive, think of your-own-ending. Which I detest at times, especially with a story like this. So I am just going to pretend she ran away and is safe. And that she will have trouble explaining everything. It is sad that she has to leave her friend, but sorry, friendship doesn’t last forever and your parents, your family need you. Also Sydney was pretty much urgh at the end, which shows clearly that when a boy is involved, you are invisible for always.

I didn’t particularly like the characters that much. Sydney was nice, but she really changed near the ending (for the worse). Gabby was so-so.

I also didn’t like that we gotten some random character (woman in airplane) to come with a warning and then nothing. It would have been perfect had she popped up in the fair and saved the girls.

The park was what made everything better. It was super creepy, and I really liked to walk with our main character through the rides. Go into the rollercoaster, the merry-go-round and eat magical cotton candy.

All in all a so-so book.


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