Review for Ugly Love

Review for Ugly Love

19487009Oh My Gosh, wow, wow, and some more wow at this wonderful book. 4.5 stars!

Yes, I generally avoid books with sex scenes in them (I find it highly uncomfortable to read such things, especially when in detail), but with this book, the sex didn’t start until half of the book, and by then I was already addicted, stuck, wrapped into the story, the characters and everything. I just couldn’t stop reading it, so I decided to continue and just skip the sex scenes that popped up. I can honestly say it has been worth it, this book was just pure, raw and beautiful, I am glad I continued with it, didn’t drop it like I normally do.

I didn’t always like the characters, especially Miles, I had some kind of hate/like feeling for him. At times I wanted to smack his ass, at other times I was just swooning. But then as we slowly found out about his past, about his motives, about the whys and the whats, my heart was breaking for him. I could understand why he acted like that towards Tate. His loss is so big, so raw, and he lost so many things in such a short period of time. I won’t spoil what happened, that is up to you all to find out, just be sure to bring enough tissues, because believe me, you will cry. You will be sad for him, you will shake your head in wonder how things could go from good to so much badness.

Tate, ah Tate, she was a wonderful character. I laughed at the things she did, she was really feisty and always had a counter-word ready. I was sad for her too, she fell so hard for Miles, and she didn’t understand him at times. Didn’t understand the pain he went through, because he cropped it all up. But I admired her too, that she stayed with him, kept hoping for him. Kept hoping he would turn around and say the magic few words. Would allow her into his life, tell her about his past. I love a girl like that.

The only character I didn’t like, and thank Lord that he didn’t pop up more often, was Dillon. Got he was such a prick, I really can’t imagine why his wife would keep him around. Sorry, but if that was my husband? I would have kicked him out faster than he could say excuses.

I loved the little twist at the ending (about a certain character). The twist explains quite a bit about the behaviour of 2 characters. Nice touch.

And really, I loved, adored the ending, it was truly the cherry on top of everything. <3 <3

Now, I would love to continue to rave about this book, but there was one thing I didn’t like at times (well 90% of time I hated it). And that was the chapters with Miles. Now the story and dialogue and such were good, but I just didn’t like how the chapters
were written
the whole
It just got annoying at times. Either do it for both the characters, or don’t do it at all.

But other than that, the book was absolutely wonderful. And I would recommend it, even if you don’t like the sex and such, just do the same as me (and some other people), skip the sex scenes. It is worth it, believe me.


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