Weekly Quote for Week-33 2014 ~ First Love

Weekly Quote for Week-33 2014 ~ First Love

9781780892481If this was what life was like without words – a life of doing, not just talking – I just might be willing to give them up forever.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Quote for Week-33 2014 ~ First Love

    1. Thanks! I try to use the books I read during that week. Sometimes though I am reading a book by an author that is an arc or is too new, and then I mostly use a quote from one of their other books.
      About the using part: on the one hand, I wouldn’t mind it and I would be happy, but on the other I feel like I am giving away an idea of mine. Especially since I don’t really have many other things I do on my blog. So I will think about it, is that ok?

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