Review for A Little Something Different

Review for A Little Something Different

9781250061775This was an awesome, unique and lovely book. I am really happy that I had the chance to read it.

Let’s just start with what makes it unique. We have ~14 POVs and the main characters aren’t one of those. Those 14 POVs are how we learn and see our main characters. Each POV has something to do with the pair. We have a bus driver who sees them often on his line, a bench (yes, a bench!), friends, and a few other characters.

I really loved seeing the story unfold, the 2 main characters slowly getting together, friendship to love. It was super adorable and I really enjoyed it. Of course I was sometimes hoping we would get a POV from the main characters, just to see things from their perspective.

My favourite POVs would be the Bench and the Squirrel. Give voice to those who normally don’t speak is really fun and creative and I just had so many laughs while reading those 2 POVs. Even my boyfriend (I read these parts aloud to him) had a few laughs and found it all fun.

I loved how the romance started off slowly and then grew and grew. It was really realistic, unlike so many books where characters just fall instantly in love without anything happening beforehand. This is really a breath of fresh air.

All in all I would truly recommend this book. You will love it, adore and want more books from this author. 🙂


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