Review for American Born Chinese

Review for American Born Chinese

9781596431522Let’s just say I heard great things about this book, and I was excited to read it. Sadly it was not meant to be.

It was confusing, we had three stories (and I truly only liked Jin’s story), they all connect and such, but sorry I am still confused as to how everything connects, how everything in the end turned together. Maybe because I skipped parts (sorry but that Danny story part just made me want to smack people, so many stereotypes and sooo exaggerated).

I liked Jin’s part, however I had hoped for a more continuous story, not one where time just skips around and we only get told a few things, only see him hope from age to age instead of seeing him grow up. In the end I was confused. Did he still like that girl? What happened at the end? Previous thing they were still in high school and suddenly they have a car and they meet up in a restaurant?

I also didn’t really like the characters. Jin’s was just weird, I didn’t like his personality and how it seemed he only cared about one thing. That girl.
Danny was bleh and the Monkey King was just a cocky bastard who really needed to learn a lesson.

All in all I wouldn’t recommend this book. I thought it would be a book about a Chinese boy, learning and growing up in the US and what comes with that. Instead I got confusion, bad characters and over the top stereotypes.


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