Review for Apple and Rain

Review for Apple and Rain

9781408853061This book had the mix that I normally like. That mix was something like this: Gorgeous cover (yes, I am judging books on their covers) + Great Blurb + Contemporary/YA/Children genre.

Sadly it was not meant to be. While the beginning of the book was good, I got tired and sick of Apple (what a name). Constantly being rude, constantly whining and never happy about anything (which I can slightly understand, but it just gets annoying if you don’t see anything getting better). Her grandma is just caring about her and while sure, she was a bit too strict at times, I can imagine why she was that way. She already lost her daughter, and didn’t want to lose her granddaughter as well.
I didn’t like that Apple was drinking (she was only 13, for Gosh sake). I didn’t like how she acted around Rain (not that Rain was that good, but that is coming in a bit), how she just let herself be treated as a slave all for her precious (and worthless mom (more later)). I just wanted to smack her and shake her and just scream at her.

Then we have Rain, the second character and instant hate and that stayed throughout the whole book. 10 year old + dolls, sure, but not like this. Not so obsessively, and I didn’t like how bitchy she was. How everyone just had to do everything for her and her baby. Baby needs milk? It is midnight, F that, just get it, she is DYING. Oh boohoo boohoo, it is only a doll.
And when that happened at the end, I was just rolling my eyes and thinking, oh goodie, more reasons to hate her.

Then we have the worst character of the whole book, the mom. Dear Lord, some people just shouldn’t have kids. Sorry if that offends people, but sorry, leaving your kid for your dreams and hopes, dumping it at grandma, not caring one bit about it, and then suddenly you come back and expect her to skip school and just be there for you. Then we find out she has yet another kid, another neglected kid. She drinks, smokes and just disappears on her kids. She flirts with a boy who is just 17, she pushes her kid to drinking, she abuses them in the form of letting a 13-year old do everything, household, caring for her younger sister, and letting her skip school.
Even at the end, when all that happened, sorry, I don’t see her change. I can see this going wrong again and again. Please, someone get that Rain kid (no matter how annoying she was) out and away from that mom.

The story itself was decent, though at times a bit overly dramatic and unrealistic.

The only thing I did like was Apple + Del. Or more specifically, Del. Del is a wonderful character and I really liked him. He was silly, lovely and he cared deeply for his friends. Too bad we didn’t see more of him.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this book.


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