Review for Ashes to Ashes

Review for Ashes to Ashes

106624333 stars for the following reasons:
-1 star for the craptastic ending.
-1 star for Mary. Dear Lord, she became a total Bitch (yes with a capital B).

I am disappointed in this book. Not only because of characters, but also because of the ending.

First of all characters.
Lillia and Kat are great characters and I loved them a lot in this book. Sure Lillia is still not all that tactful with how she treats boys (she should just have been honest from the get-go), but I still really liked her. She really has grown since the first book.

Then we have Mary, after the revelation of the last book (which was a shock), she turned into a total bitch. I am sure if she had thought things through, hello? You disappeared on them, what did you think, they would hold a national search for you? They tried their best to find you and when they didn’t, life freaking continues. And yes, then things might happen, and yes, you can freaking cry and be pissed off all you want, but sorry you have no right to get pissy pissy about it. Eff off.
She was utterly selfish, she was a total Bitch and sorry, I loved her in the previous books, and in this book I just wanted to erase her. Throw her away. I am really sad this happened, she was one of my favourite characters in the previous books.

The rest of the book is nice-ish/so-so, but it felt more like: Oh hey, we had a revelation at the end, and now we have to write a book with it, because otherwise people will get pissy and angry and demand answers. It was totally over the top and I didn’t like the revenge things any more. Especially since it just didn’t fit.

I felt sorry for Reeve, for all he had to go through. Sure he was a prick, and sure he bullied people. And yes I hate bullying and all that, but he was also a kid, and he also was very sad about it when things turned bad. Even know, years after it happened, he was sad about it, horrified by what he had done.
And considering what happened in the previous books, I think he had his fair share of Revenge Cake.

Then we have the ending and all that brought up for me. I hated the ending. So very very much. I won’t spoil anything, but various things that happened shouldn’t have happened, it felt like they went for the easy way out, and in their way of doing that, destroyed everything they have written. It was just utterly silly and I am really hoping they will rewrite it, or make an extra small novella with a rewritten ending, because sorry, this is just a crappy way to end a series.

All in all. I would say read the first 2 books, then the first few pages of this book and then drop it and run. Don’t let this book ruin the series for you.


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