Review for Coraline the Graphic Novel

Review for Coraline the Graphic Novel

9780060825430I loved Coraline the novel, and when I saw that it had a graphic novel I just had to try out.

And did I enjoy it? Yes, I did. However there were things I didn’t like that much.
Like for instance Coraline. She looked more like 14/15, instead of the age presented in the book (11 I believe). Especially since in the novel it was also said that she looked small for her age. This bothered me quite a bit. It was like looked at a sullen teenager with a need for toys and parent love, she was clingy and some other stuff you just don’t expect with how she looked. A shame.
Same goes for a few other characters that just didn’t match with what we had a descriptions in the book.

The art at times was good, but at other times just didn’t seem right. Things seemed off/strange, anatomy not always right.

Still it was really fun to see this in pictures, to see the scary story unfold. And it was creepy, especially when read around 11pm. 🙂

Would I recommend this? Sure, if you don’t mind the inconsistencies.


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