Review for Falling Into Place

Review for Falling Into Place

20306804This was a book that hooked me from the first few pages,

a book that I immediately bought after having only read like 10 pages. 🙂 And the rest of the book is equally awesome and beautiful.

I really liked how the chapters were done, it was very creative, though I have to admit, also a bit confusing. I had my suspicions about who was talking, but it was only till the end that it was revealed. It was a nice touch (and original), but again confusing to let it be from her/him POV at times.

We have various characters who get a chance to speak. Kennie, Julia, Liz’s mom, Liam. They all got their chance to speak and Amy Zhang really made us like them, made us understand them. I really like it when a book makes the side-characters as important as the main character.

Liz is not an easy main character. At the surface we see a girl who will do anything for popularity, she is an enormous bitch (to friends and family and everyone else), but deep down we see she isn’t that shallow. That she is actually depressed, worried and doesn’t know where she stands. She feels alone. At the first pages and also the first few times we heard about Liz, I didn’t like her (and wanted to smack her), however, I grew to love her. In the end I was cheering for her, cheering for her to wake up, to live her life. To seek help when she needs it.

The book touches a lot of subjects, suicide, pregnancy, bullying, popularity and several other things. It was really interesting to see those subjects come together in one book.

Also, that ending, I just cried. It was sad, it was beautiful. So if you are planning to read this, bring tissues.

All in all, I would really recommend this book to everyone!


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