Review for Heather Has Two Mommies

Review for Heather Has Two Mommies

709381This week is banned books week, and I wanted to read at least 1 book that was banned. So I asked people from Goodreads to recommend me a few books.

This one was apparently banned because, well, for the simple reason of having a family that is not your standard one. Instead of a Mommy and a Daddy, this little girl has 2 Mommies.

I really loved this book, and while you could clearly see the age of the book (drawings), it was also clearly ahead of its age because of the subject.

Poor Heather, luckily her mothers are there to help her out when people ask about her Daddy. And of course kids are easy and soon they find out a lot of children have more than one Mommy or Daddy (because parents divorce and remarry).

I would really recommend this book to everyone. I think this would be a wonderful reading material for kids, since it teaches about love, about family, about a whole lot more. This book made me smile and cheer.


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