Review for Kiss of Broken Glass

Review for Kiss of Broken Glass


Review for the ARC.

As most people know I am not a fan of verse/poetry or whatever this was. So when I found out I was quite sad about it. I expected an awesome/sad book about mental wards and all that, instead it was a book in verse/poetry/etc.

I don’t like verse/poetry/etc., because it feels like someone wrote a complete book in normal sentences and then threw that book in the shredder and then started puzzling back sentences/words.  Give me a book with complete sentences and all that, and I am happy, with this I am frustrated and I can only imagine how awesome the book would be if it was written normally.

However I did love/am interested in the topic, so I continued reading it and it was a quick read. One plus side to verse books, you can easily read them in a short time. 🙂

The book is all about peer pressure (she after all did it mostly because her friends did it too and apparently after a while for the rush), acceptance and learning. I really loved the book, though I disliked the main character for quite a bit of the book. Maybe it is because the book is so choppy, but I felt like we never really got a clear view on her, it was always broken. I was a bit sad that she still hoped Rennie would be friends with her, even when she would cut cutting.

I had also hoped for more other character exploration. I felt like they were there because, well, an empty hospital/mental ward would be silly. But I just wished they got more time, more time to tell there stories and to show us who they are.

I didn’t really like how we switched from present to past and back again the whole time, it confused me at times. It was nice that we got more information about her friends/people she knows, but I felt like it could have been executed better.

I did like the descriptions of the mental/hospital ward, the group sessions and everything else. It seems like the author did a good job on her research.

Something I really liked and I wish this was included in all books about this topic: a list of resources. Sadly, not everything is useful for people outside of the US, but still good that they included it.

Would I recommend this to people? No. Unless they really really love verse/poetry/whatever this was.


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  1. I saw your blog on GoodReads and I thought I would check it out. Thanks for the review over this book. I’ve been debating whether or not I would try to read… it’s looking like maybe I shouldn’t!

    1. Hiya,

      Thanks for checking out my blog. You’re welcome, I am glad my review could help your decide on whether or not to read that book. And hey, if you do read it in the end, let me know what you thought of it, I am always curious to what others think of books. 🙂

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