Review for Otome Cake

Review for Otome Cake

9784758070188Not that good of a manga. I had expected something cute and fun, but instead I got boring and blandness. Add to that lots of sadness.

This one is made up of various stories, and sadly most stories ended before something happened. Or didn’t even feature that much of Girl Love.

Then we have one point where I was a bit disturbed: Natsu no Mayu. It is about swimming and having periods. In one panel you see a girl in the toilet, with her underpants down, with blood dripping from between her legs…. Sorry, but no fricking thank you. The story was good up to that point, but after that I was just shaking my head.

Most characters are annoying and weird.

I had expected more kisses and romance, but instead it was just slice of life with a bit of romance.

Would I recommend this manga? Nope. It is nice and short and the stories are a bit sweet, but that is it.


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