Review for the Boy in the Dress

Review for the Boy in the Dress

4883204(Read this book in Dutch, just in case of names that were changed.)

I must say I honestly finally found a book that I loved from this author. You can clearly see this is a first book, it misses the annoying exaggeration, weird word use and other things. In fact it was quite a normal book, and I really enjoyed it.
I just wish he would have kept this style of writing instead of what he does now.

Lol at the no-cursing in a children’s book part. I am sorry, not allowed? I see it happen so often and I would rather have someone curse then see this %$**@%% at times.

I really liked the ending part where everyone dressed up in dresses. And that added image, I was just laughing so hard.

And while the dad was mostly a prick throughout the book (though I could see he did his best to care for his kids (he just didn’t know how to it seemed)), something happened near the end I started to love the dad.

And we also have a bad guy, namely Mr. Hawtrey. Gosh I really disliked that guy. I don’t see in why he would work at a school, he clearly hates kids a whole lot.

All in all I would recommend this book, this was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

Oh and still a big plus to the wonderful illustrations. I really like those. Quentin Blake is wonderful!


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