Review for The Difference Between You and Me

Review for The Difference Between You and Me

9780670011285I had to read this for a Blind Date Challenge at my group. I am so glad I am finished with this horrendous book. I just kept hoping it would improve but it didn’t.

I can’t say there was a moment that I enjoyed.

First of all the characters. Such stereotypes, Jesse is totally butch, Emily is the totally girly, girl opposite of that.
Jesse’s we-need-to-change-the-world-and-everyone-has-to-comply-attitude annoyed me highly. I don’t like people who push their believes or causes on me. The only thing it does is turn me off from that cause/believe and get annoyed. And that is what happened to me when Jesse started with her save (insert cause) thing, first I was like: Ohhh nice a cause!, and after x amount of pages I was like: Yeah Yeah, we know. Now shut up.
I didn’t like her at all and that only got to hate by the end of the book.

Emily, urgh, I think she needs to get a life and stop being so stuck-up and sticking to everyone’s expectations. Also cheating is a no-no (more on that later). Just like Jesse she has that we-need-to-change-the-world attitude and she also tries to push that on people, though I would say less than Jesse. However that is only to her peers, she does expect Jesse to get off her high horse and comply to her things and stop protesting against her things.

The other characters were just bland and didn’t stand out.

We have cheating, yes, and if there is one thing I hate in books, it is cheating. And that is what happens in this book. Emily has a boyfriend and she still kisses (and does various other things) with Jesse. I really hated it.
And I really can’t see them together, no. The only reason I can see they are together is lust. Nothing more.

Then we have the highly annoying POVs. Emily’s is like this: I did this, I talked to him. While Jesse’s is like this: Jesse talked, Jesse went to this and that. Then we have someone named Esther, and I didn’t see the use of that one, she only talks about Joan of Arc. I don’t see why that was needed to be added.

Then we also have the whole Starmart thing going on, I just wish that was dropped out.

And that ending? I saw it coming from when we first met that character. Soooo lame.

All in all, I was looking forward to the book, the cover and blurb seemed fun, and I am always interested in lgbt books. Sadly this was not meant to be. Instead of romance we get fights, cheating, lust, silly protests and some other stuff. Nope. Just nope. Not Recommended.


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