Review for The Roommates

Review for The Roommates

20518986A not so good book.

I mostly enjoyed reading about the College/High School part and wasn’t interested in the rest that much. Also the stories were at times good, but at times I was just bored out of my mind and skipped the story.

There are apparently some famous(?) people who also had roommate experiences, however I didn’t know any of them. 🙂

The roommate experiences were at times very horrific and at times also unbelievable. There are also fun stories of good roommate experiences, but a lot was more about the bad things. Not that I mind, I think I like those more. Way more interesting than a fairy tale ending.

Sadly around the last parts I just started skipping the stories more and more. I just didn’t like them and I also couldn’t care for them.

I also had my fair share of roommate problems, so I could relate to a few of the things that were happening in the book.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this book, only would recommend the first part of the book (with the college/high school stuff).


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