Review for Yumeiro Patissiere Vol.1

Review for Yumeiro Patissiere Vol.1

13083404It was a bit boring.

Our main character is at a school and we only see her bake/cook. Sure, the book is about becoming a patissiere, but I would just love to see her in other situations too. Like during a class, see how she does there. Or when she is having a free day, see her shopping or being with friends (and no not the Genius Group). It became a bit boring and I also see what I dropped the manga. I love cakes, I love baking, but for something to be ONLY about that and nothing more… no thank you.

And add to that, we barely have any backstory on Ichigo. She just can taste cake and magically know what it is and where it is from. She is hard-working, sees fairies, and well that is it. I would love to know about her family, her life before the school, how she has gotten such a refined knowledge on cakes. Maybe we will get that later, but I wish they had done it in this volume. I didn’t connect with Ichigo, while I think I would have done that if I had known her story.

Then we have various boys (all of course bishies), though I didn’t like them all. Especially that Chocolate Loving Guy (sorry, I didn’t like him so I am not going to remember his name). I hated him and his Oh look I am sooooo fabulous and everyone sucks attitude. He warms up to Ichigo a bit at the end of this volume, but sorry I don’t like him and never will.

Of course, as is with most of these manga (though normal books also have it), we have a couple of jealous girls who do anything to take Ichigo down. *rolls eyes*So cliché.

All in all, I am not sure if I want to read it further. If we get some backstory, sure, but otherwise I am out. I am not going to read 10+ volumes about baking, baking, hot boys with crap attitude, fantasy elements, some more baking.


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