Review for Zekkyou Gakkyuu Vol.1 to Vol.3

Review for Zekkyou Gakkyuu Vol.1 to Vol.3

9784088568645Review for book 1,2,3.

I was interested in this series because of the artstyle, and the fact I am always searching for new horror manga (without too much gore).

This one is really a perfect manga to read during Halloween (I was planning to wait until October to read this, but after one chapter I was sold and now I can’t stop reading).

Every volume is comprised out of short stories. Some have more than one part, but in general it is just one small story with a beginning and an end (a lesson). Most of these stories have a bad or depressing ending, so be warned, if you don’t like that, don’t read this one. There are a few stories that have a sort of good ending, but it is really rare for that too happen.

I don’t really mind the bad endings. Of course I hope for a happy ending, but hey, happy endings are so often a given in stories, that I am actually happy to see a bad ending.

We have one main character, a girl Yomi/Yumi who narrates the story. We see her at the beginning and at the end of each story.
At first she is a mysterious half-bodied girl, but in Vol.2/3 we learn of her story, what happened to her and why she has no legs/lower body. And also about her motives and why she reacts to certain things so strongly.

9784088670164There is one line going through the books, and that might make it a bit boring. You always know what will happen to that one cocky character, or that girl who wants everything. It makes it slightly predictable, but you are also curious as to what they will get for being like that. Of course, not all the characters are that bad, some are actually good kids.

There are quite a few plot-twists happening in the book. You would think everything is fine, and then BANG suddenly it was all a dream/illusion. Same goes for the characters, be wary of who they are not everything is what they seem.

The art style is really to my liking. I like how the mangaka can draw cute images, but as soon as it gets scary it switches over to very scary drawings. And I have to say, she can make some really frightening drawings. *shivers*

All in all I would recommend this series to people who are seeking for a good horror story. Be warned, there are some gory parts (not excessive though, just a few small things).

And I will continue reading this series, and hoping that one day they will get an official English translation, because this series deserves it!

I won’t be writing more reviews for this series, though I might add a few words to the books when I rate them.


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