Review for Dead Over Heels

Review for Dead Over Heels

23161593When I heard there would be a second book in this series I just had to read it, I really did like the first book (even with all the Liam this and Liam thats).

So, do you need to read this after Donna of the Dead? Nope. This takes place in a total different place, with different main characters. However the zombies are the same. We got normal zombies and those scary superzombies. So you can just read these 2 books separately and in any way you want. You like Cruises and Highschool? Then read Donna of the Dead. Like Rednecks, life-threatening allergies, never ending trails and woods then read Dead Over Heels.

This time we have 2 main characters. A girl named Ava and a boy named Cole. They couldn’t be more different. Ava is a city girl and Cole is the total opposite. So when they are forced to work together, to live together it brings with them hilarious situations, awkward things and arguments. Arguments that can get a bit boring, both of them are so stubborn and they keep on going on and on about the same stuff.
I also found it a bit too coincidental that Ava had life-threatening allergies and while I was sorry for her, it also made me annoyed with her. I wish her parents had guided her better. Told her of ways to protect herself without shutting her out off the world. Because while sure you are screwed if stung or hit by *insert allergy* you can still live a fine life. Just make sure you have a cellphone with you (and various things so you don’t need to chat in the phone), your medicine stuff and make sure you don’t go too far away from human contact (which shouldn’t be that hard).

I didn’t start to like Cole until the middle/almost end of the book, by then he started acting a bit different with Ava.

The zombies are still awesome, I absolutely loved that redneck zombie with his Ree-raws. 🙂 And of course my favourite (though also the one that gives the most nightmares) the zombies who are still human just with zombie superpowers. In the previous book we already had a psychotic zombie dude, and now we have a psychotic (ex)-girlfriend who doesn’t like the new chick her not-so-boyfriend is drooling over. Dang, she was really everywhere. Zombies are one thing, but thinking zombies/human zombies are just a notch too scary. I really wouldn’t want to meet those if an apocalypse would start.

The story mostly takes place in the woods/trails/mountains, only at the end there is a change of scenery. I was kind of disappointed with that. It was all nice and all in the beginning. “Ohhh woods, fun!” But near the middle I was like: “Yeah we know, now get on moving and out of these darn woods.” So imagine my happiness when the end came and we finally had a change of scenery. I was really cheering.

The ending is kind of like the previous book (not going to spoil or anything).

Well I hope there will be a third book, and I also hope we will get more things like: Yay! We found a cure and this is how the world recovers scenarios. And also a meeting up of the survivors (I would truly love that, Ava and Donna!)

And I would recommend this book to everyone. 🙂


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