Review for Enclave

Review for Enclave

9780312551377I am not really in the mood to write a normal review, so I will write a good/bad review. 🙂

Good things:
*The zombies/freaks/whatever they are. They are seriously scary, and I would say maybe scarier than normal zombies. With their longer claws, sharp teeth and seemingly more brains they make up for one scary enemy that you don’t want to meet. They are terrifyingly smart, they can make decisions, they can take revenge, they will follow you, they will get rid of their own to get to things they want.
*The main character. Deuce is an awesome character and I loved her from the beginning, though I have to say I started loving her more when she had to go to the surface. She was so amazed by everything she saw, had to be taught new things (and didn’t mind, just soaked it up like a sponge does water) and she was so strong. Keeps going on and on no matter what. Of course she was afraid, of course she worried, but that made her human, that made her more real. I think I would have hated it if she would have taken everything for granted, if she hadn’t cared or worse, if she had cowered when she saw each new thing.
And she learns so much, you can just see her grow, stronger but also smarter and more world wise.
*Fade, he was a really great side-character, though I want to know more about him, about his father, about his life on the surface before he ran to the sewers/train systems.
*The world-building, there are a lot of questions (see bad things later on), but I at times felt like I was standing next to Deuce, fighting alongside of her in the sewers/train system, seeing her talk to people she knew in the Enclave. Everything is pretty detailed and that made it really a great book to me.
*Several other things, like the situation in the Enclave, I just had my suspicions about what happened there and also the stories they told. Also Stalker turned up to be an interesting character when stuff happened.

Bad Things:
*We have no answers (but a few things) what the hell happened to the world? A disease? Some new vaccine that turned up badly? Some magic occurrence? Aliens? I was hoping that we would get things answered when Deuce and Fade would go to the surface. However, we get some snippets, but nothing much.
It seems that bites or something don’t turn people? I can be wrong, but I read something about Deuce being bitten, and yet she didn’t turn. So how do people turn into Freaks? Are freaks really zombies? Or aliens?
In the end I am more confused than anything. So many questions and so little answers, I am hoping that they will be answered in the next book. Yes I am buying the next book.
*Why are all the freaks in the sewers/train systems? At least I have to deduce that from the book. During several events it seemed like having Freaks in the city was a new occurrence and that the Wolves didn’t even know what they faced.
*The love triangle. Urgh, and with Deuce being still totally oblivious to girl things I am sure this will turn out to be highly annoying.
*The systems in the Enclave. So you can’t pick? You are either a Builder, Breeder or a Hunter? I don’t think I would like to be forced to be a Breeder. Or for that matter be stuck in Builder or Hunter. I would rather pick something myself.
*More questions, why do people in the Enclave die so soon? The oldest people there were just ~20 years old.
*That cliffhanger. Of course it was expected, because, hey, we have a whole series, but it still annoys me.

All in all a balanced book, and a fun one at that. I will be sure to check out the rest of the series. 🙂


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