Review for GET EVEN

Review for GET EVEN

204830754.5 stars! Don’t Get Mad! Get EVEN!

I have been looking forward to this series since it was announced on Twitter, and did it live up to the hype? Yes, yes it did. I really can’t wait for the second book, to get some answers to my questions. Answers to who really wanted to Get Even!

In this book we have 4 main characters. Four girls who couldn’t be more different but who have one goal, to help people in need and Get Even! At the time we hit the book they have been doing it for years already, and while it always went right, their clients got the satisfaction they wanted, and they got Even now however something is wrong when the dead body is found with a card with their group’s initials on it.

I loved how after that the group just tried to stick together, but slowly disintegrated, slowly losing the trust they had in each other, slowly falling apart. You would say 4 people like this, who have been together for so long, that shouldn’t go that fast? Well, if those 4 dear people have all kinds of secrets that they don’t want anyone, not even their friends, to know, and things happen that those secrets are going to leak, then it is bye bye friendship and hello do everything by yourself and don’t trust anything.

I still found that a bit stupid, I think it would have been much better had they trusted each other from the get-go. Haven’t they been together for years? Even though not as real friends, but I am sure there must have been some level of friendship somewhere and that one was broken so easily. There was so much mistrust, and I think that if they stuck together they could have found out who was torturing them with messages, photographs and other things.

The characters were awesome though. They all seemed so perfect in the beginning and then when everything start going down, you really get to learn them. See their faults, see their lives, see their friends and also see how different they are from each other. From invisibility to popularity these 4 girls couldn’t be more different, and yet they formed a group.
It was really interesting to see all the cracks form in the girls. Cracks we didn’t see until the murder.

The POVs switch every chapter, though there have been a few times that it switched mid-chapter, which was kind of annoying because you would be in the middle of one person and suddenly that person changed.

We also got some great side-characters, all of them suspicious, all of them having secrets and lies. I liked that even they got a bit of spotlight through the interactions with the main characters. For example, I loved Ed. He was totally awesome character, I really would love a novella just with his POV.

One thing I would love to have? Maybe something like a prequel, with the beginning of DGM, with the beginning of all the revenge things. I would love to see the girls getting together, and I want to see more revenge plans. Because I loved the one we had in the beginning, that they found some tape from the coach and totally embarrassed him. It was brilliant.

Of course there is a cliffhanger. Come on people, what else did we expect? We are getting a book 2 in June next year, so it was to be expected that it would end on one. And what a cliffhanger it was. Dang, so many things happened, so much things went wrong and it was awesome. And sure while I am now like: “GAHHHH hurry up with the next book!!!”, I am also applauding Gretchen McNeil for this awesome ending.

Would I recommend this book? Um, yes, hell yes, I would. This one is packed with drama, mystery, murder, a dash of romance and a whole lot of secrets. Maybe for the ones who don’t like cliffhangers or waiting it is better that they wait for the next book and make sure there isn’t a 3rd book coming before they start with this one. But for the others? Read this epic book of awesomeness.


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