Review for Get Happy

Review for Get Happy

20697547Review for the ARC.

I absolutely adored this book, the main character was a sweet, wonderful girl. And the side-characters made the story even more awesome.

I am not a big fan of Ukelele, or their sound, but I think it was a wonderful touch to have a character who wants to play impromptu songs on an ukelele. Especially since you don’t often find this instrument in books. Mostly it would be something like guitars or pianos.

The plot itself was great, our main character finds out more about her dad, finds out things that her mom hid from her all these years. Next to that we also have that the main character discovers more about herself.

There are various moments that were just hilarious and I had quite a few parts where I just laughed aloud, even read a few parts to my boyfriend. I loved the birthday parties part. How she tried her best to be a perfect mermaid, but just couldn’t get it right for various things, but eventually even found a fan. 🙂

I didn’t like the mom. I can somehow imagine it must suck to go through such a thing as divorce and all that comes with it, but to do what that mom did. No. You could have expected that the lies you spun would fall apart and your daughter will find out the truth.

I am planning on buying this book as soon as the paperback comes out. This one deserves a spot on my bookshelves. 🙂 And I would recommend this book to everyone who needs a nice contemporary story to read.


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