Review for Library Wars Vol.10/11/12

Review for Library Wars Vol.10/11/12

18775329Review for vol.10/11/12.

Wow, what an action-packed 3 volumes these were. And not only action, but also a lot of romance that finally happens (no, not just between Dojo and Kasahara) and I really enjoyed these 3 volumes. I was pretty sad to hear that this manga will soon be over and that we will have to do with just re-watching or re-reading and to continue hoping that the novel will get an official English release.

Kasahara was really wonderful in this volume. Lots of typical moments, but also some stunning, beautiful moments which made me love her even more. She has grown up so much if you look at volume 1 and then compare it to this one. I really love it when a character grows. I always hate it when a character stays the same throughout the whole thing.
I am also happy that she is finally realizing about her and Dojo, finally seeing in something that everyone saw since the start!

The date between them was soooooo adorable and I was so happy to see them both in civilian clothes, enjoying lunch and dessert + the most important thing of all: Chamomile tea.

The other characters are also great and all get their spotlights. Sadly we barely see Marie, I would really see more of her.

There is lot of story and plot twists. At first we have the battle about Barber, then a museum that has a very controversial piece of art and then we have the whole terrorist + ban books/authors thing. I really can’t wait to see what will happen in the next few volumes, since I am sure things will get rolling and we will get some interesting conflicts happening soon.

All in all, 3 volumes that I really loved and I can’t wait until some more volumes come out so I can buy 3 volumes in one go again.


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