Review for Lies We Tell Ourselves

Review for Lies We Tell Ourselves

20579291I have always been interested in this period in history,

the day(s) that black people were able to go to school with white people (and later on also stores and other things). I haven’t yet found a book like this one that talks about how it went. And sure it is fiction, but the author did their research, talked to people and more, so the base of the story will have truths. It was really interesting to see the situation from two sides. A black girl and a white girl, both telling their point of views on the situation. And that balances it, you see why white people did their things, why they thought like this. And mostly it is because of the parents, parents who kept telling their kids that black people are (insert a lot of stereotypes) and that they should avoid them. Add to that group pressure and the fear that you might get murdered because you are hanging around a black person, it is a complex situation, and the book really shows it clearly from both sides.

I really liked the 2 main characters and while it wasn’t like from the beginning (it took a few chapters), in the end I really liked them and was cheering for them. Since not only were they in a country and time where hanging out together is not really sociably acceptable, they also had something else going on (not telling what, I will let you read about it).
They both had their good and bad sides. Both were convinced of their rights and they slowly started seeing it from the other side as well as the book progressed.

The truths/lies thing was something I liked. It was really creative to start with lies and end with truths. Because even though they said they were fine, they would be fine, they were lying. Things would happen and they wouldn’t be fine, not until much later.

The book gave me goosebumps, good (as in something lovely happened) and also bad (as in something gruesome happened). There are quite a few situations that made me happy, and others that made me angry. Angry at people for being such racists, for being so horrendous just because someone has a different colour. Not looking at them individually but looking at them as one unit, black, white, yellow and so on. Adults and children everyone was just positively horrendous at times. But thank Lord, there were people who were kind, who tried to help out, who tried to stop things.

I would truly recommend this book, everyone should read this and I think it would fit perfectly at school when this period of time comes up for discussion.


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