Review for Phantom Thief Jeanne Vol.4

Review for Phantom Thief Jeanne Vol.4

18775313Don’t get me wrong, I love this series, but sorry, I am getting disgusted at the skimpy outfits and the rape stuff.

Last volume (I think) we had a almost rape attempt on Maron, and now in this volume we find out that Jeanne of Arc was raped by a demon so she couldn’t do her transformation and such any more. What the hell?

Add to that some disturbing revelations and I am like, no way am I ever going to watch the anime. I will finish the manga series but that is it.

Yes, I still rate this series high, because if you keep out the rape, the skimpy outfits, you have a wonderful story of reincarnation, about good and evil, about love and romance.

In this volume we find out more about Finn, about her past and what happened there. And I can honestly say that I find it BS what happened to her. She didn’t deserve that. She made a mistake by falling in love with a human, or at least feeling love for a human, but she didn’t mean for some much suffering to happen. I can imagine that Finn took that path. I won’t say anything more, read the manga and find out.

We also have several other things happening in this series. Dream-like comas, revelations and a cliff-hanger. Darn you Arina Tanemura for doing this. Now I have to wait for several months before I can find out what the heck happened!

Maron is still a wonderful character and I really felt for her in this volume. Still with all that is happening she tries to stay strong, tries to fight, tries to keep going.

I really loved the romance in this part, and I hope it will last. <3

All in all a volume with a lot going on, a lot of things I didn’t approve/didn’t like, but also enough that I did like. Too bad we are almost at the ending of this series.


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