Review for Picture Me Gone

Review for Picture Me Gone

20893459This was a terrifically fun and good book. I really enjoyed the characters, the mystery and how our main character just could connect and see things.

Mila is a wonderful girl and I loved her a whole lot. She was smart, interesting and finally, she didn’t fall head over heels as soon as she meets a guy, instead it takes time for her to fess up the feelings.
I loved her being a British girl, it made the whole going to the US a whole lot more fun. Her expectations, her thoughts, everything was funny and nice to read about. How she thought the country was nice, but found out that not everything is what it seems.
You also see her grow. Starting as a girl who just likes solving puzzles, she grows more mature, more adult. However, as she also said, she doesn’t always like it and wishes (quite a few times) that she could just go back to what she was.

I liked her relationship with her best(?) friend. How even though the two are clearly growing apart, they still try to be friends, try to be there for each. I really enjoyed reading about them both, how they were in the past and how great the fitted together. Sadly people grow up, find other friends and friendships just fall apart.

The other characters were pretty decent, though I felt like they were just all characters in the big mystery that Mila had to solve. Every character she met (even her dad) was just a piece of the puzzle. Everyone had something to do with Matthew, all the lines connecting to him.

The big revelation was a bit of a surprise and I felt so sorry for Mila. She didn’t deserve this, not at all and I am happy to see that she reacted as she should. Didn’t pretend, didn’t twirl around it, no, she was upfront about it, clearly showing her anger, her sadness.

The sentences took me some getting used to, even after 100 pages. They went like this: “I guess nobody heard anything from him, she says, but doesn’t wait for an answer. She knows that any hearing from him would have been the first thing I reported. How are you my darling? Are you lonely? A little, I say. Though at this moment it would be more honest to say a lot.”
As you can see this little part shows the sentence structure, and how at times, it was highly confusing. At times I was wondering if someone was still saying something, or if someone was saying anything at all. If thoughts were actually said aloud or were just thoughts.

Also big plus points to this cover and also the book. I really liked how I could open the cover and see another set of signs on the next page. 🙂

There was just one little thing I didn’t like particularly. Something I can forgive a normal person, but not a writer who is supposed to do research. There is a constant talk about our main character’s mom going to Holland. Unless the writer meant the region then it is ok, but otherwise it is not correct. My country is called the Netherlands. And again I can forgive a normal person this, because I am already happy that they know it exists. However, writers should have done research, should have checked things. And it really sounds weird coming from someone who lives across the pond (aka the UK).

All in all though, this is a book I would highly recommend to everyone.


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