Review for Review of My Cat

Review for Review of My Cat

17586481I found this book yesterday at a book market and after checking it, I had to have it.

I am allergic to cats myself, but I love to read about cats a lot (maybe a way to make up with the lack of cats in my life).

This books is hilarious, funny and brilliant. Full of jokes, sarcasm and editor fixes (yes the editors changed the rating, or added lines to the reports when they thought the cat deserved/didn’t deserve something).
Every cat has two pages. One with a photograph of the cat, with under the photograph a name and the owner’s name(s). The next page is all about the report. And the reports can be anything from a full page to only 2 sentences and a rating.

And this disappointed me a bit. I expected full reports, or at least 2 or 3 subjects minimum. Instead sometimes there was only one subject and only shortly explained why the rating. I wanted to know more about the cat, more about the other subjects that others did get. And it felt a bit unbalanced/inconsistent. Like they didn’t care about it any more.

Another things that stood out were the themes (Good/bad/ugly etc.). I didn’t really understand why some got added to one theme while in fact they had quite high marks for that theme (like for instant bad, and they didn’t have that bad of grades). And I had kind of expected that things went from highest to lowest, not just a random mix of numbers. You would have on one page a cat with an A, the next cat would have a A+, then the next would have a C.

But luckily the reports, the photograph and in line comments make up for everything and that is a big reason why it got a 5 stars. I was just laughing aloud, sharing with my boyfriend the most funny things, causing him to laugh as well.

And those names, at times I just felt so sorry for the little kitties.

All in all this is one book I would recommend. You need something funny? You don’t feel to happy? Want something short and fun? Read this one and your day will brighten and you will feel all happy.

And me? I will hope that we will get another book of this one. Maybe this time about dogs?


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