Review for Rites of Passage

Review for Rites of Passage

18285437I am still not sure what to rate this. The story/plot was awesome: 5 stars. Characters however just frustrated me and I give that a 1.

Another good/bad review.

-I quite liked the main character. She was feisty and had spirit and I really like that in a character. However there are also some bad things but I will address that in the bad part.
-The military school setting. I haven’t really seen many books that feature that setting and so I really liked the descriptions of the buildings, the events that happened and the details.
-Drill was a great character and I really liked him, though I wish he would have done more, maybe then it wouldn’t have escalated like this.
-The secret society. While this one was a really bad one, I still like books with them and to see them unfold, to find out more about them.
-The story. First girls to join military school and how they fare. It was interesting and since it was quite unique I was looking forward to it.

-With the exception of a few male characters, 90% of the males were horrendous and made me hate people and the male part of the population of the world. This is also one of the big reasons why I am not rating the book. I seriously wanted to throw and drop the book almost every page because of the shitty characters. Seriously, they treated our main character as a piece of nothing, like she was lower than an animal. Hurting her, making threats and so much more. I am sorry, but I absolutely dislike this behaviour and I was just disgusted throughout the book. And especially with that ending, I am sorry, but what? That person is just free to do whatever the f they want? Not getting a real punishment? Seriously?
And not only the main character was hurt, the other females were treated like nothing, or treated as objects (for instance that one girl who had to have sex (at least I am guessing that is what happened) just so she wouldn’t be bullied too much). Seriously, no. NO NO NO NO.
-The main character. Yeah, we get it girl, you are all tough and super awesome, but come on, even you have limits and I was kind of hoping she would just stop and just say F you all and bye. Instead she kept pushing, was almost killed a few times. Attitude and determination is one thing, but this one quickly went into the part of idiocy and brainlessness.
-The secret society, I was kind of thinking it might just be the kids at school, but instead it turned out to be way bigger and further spread and I was just creeped out that people would go that far to keep their school pure.
-I did not understand how someone like Matthews could just keep on going on and on, of course we later find out why, but throughout the book and before we find out why, I was just shaking my head. Wondering why the f no one was doing anything at all to stop him.
-The romance/love. I didn’t like how the main character went between two characters and when she finally picked the person she liked, she couldn’t be with him because of the whole rule thing at the school. Urgh. Making me all happy something good is happening and then to have it ruined like that.
-Various other things that I just didn’t like and that made me dislike the book.
-The real reason why the girl is at school. That is the reason you went to school?????? Eh??????

As you can see there are good and bad things, but sadly I can’t rate it, so I will just leave this one as it is, without rating. Maybe one day I can think of a rating, but for now nope.

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