Review for Say Her Name

Review for Say Her Name

18621200I love books about Bloody Mary, one of my favourite urban legends.

This time we have a more modern Mary, as in 1940/50’s. The name stays the same, and also some of the back story, but a lot is quite new.

The main character was a bit annoying though with her Caine this and Caine that, and more Caine swoon. It just got a bit boring and I noticed I started to just skip through the things. Yay! Nice for you that you got yourself a hot new boyfriend, but come on people, you have 5 days left of your little life, now is not the time for hooking up and kissing. And I still don’t see why Caine fell in love with our main character, especially not after what the main character is sprouting about herself. I mean, my mental image of the girl wasn’t that good, not with the boohoos about it and such.
I however did love her for her loyalty, for sticking to her friend Naya and trying to save the girl. They really have a wonderful bond, and I do hope that bond lasts outside of Highschool.

The Mary story took some starting up, and was at the beginning terribly boring/slow and I considered dropping the book a few times. Luckily that I didn’t, because when the whole Mary business starts I couldn’t drop the book. The creepiness takes some time to settle in, but when it starts to pop up I was scared out of my mind. Yay, for reading this in the late evening when it is dark and I am alone in house. Yep, not going anywhere at all but the room I am in!
Yes, it was that scary. There are several instances that Mary shows herself (in school, in mirrors, in the dark of the night and in your bed). It was absolutely terrifying and I was checking around me to see if there was something.

I loved the Mary background story we have in this book. We find out what happened to Mary during her school time, and when she disappeared. And wow, what a rollercoaster ride that was. Poor Mary, however, I should warn you, nothing is what it seems. Be warned.

The ending gave me dual feelings. On the one hand I was delighted by this ending, so creepy and it paved the road for a second book! On the other hand I was disappointed, I didn’t really expect this to happen and I was hoping for a certain ending to happen.

Oh and definitely a lot of plus points for this gorgeous cover!

I would really recommend this book, just be warned, the first pages are a bit boring but as soon as the story picks up pace, be sure you are in a room with lots of light because you ain’t gonna sleep any time soon.


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