Review for Sorority Sister

Review for Sorority Sister

1116578I was really looking forward to this one, sadly it was not all that good.

Now I hear you all ask: Why? Well let just say I always hate it when people in horror movies or books go into a dark cellar, or let people inside the house they don’t know or run away from the murderer when they have a car/bicycle/faster transportation ready. And quite a few things happened in this book that were typical horror stupidities. Oh hey, we have troubles with people, let’s just open up the door to that stranger we might not know. Or, oh hey, I am being followed by a murderer, let’s hide in that dangerous chute.
I just kept shaking my head at the things the main character and her friends did.

I did like the main character if we exclude all the stupidity. She was nice, friendly and did her best to keep both her friends and her sorority happy. Sadly of course for this you need friends who understand that you also have other life things to do and can’t be with them 24/7. More on that in a later paragraph.
I was happy to see that even when things went down in her sorority, that she stuck with them, tried to help out the best she could. That shows character and also shows that she is a perfect fit with the sorority.

We also meet a character from the previous books. Cath! Sadly we don’t see a lot of her, but it was great fun to see her at the sorority.

The whodunit? I had a few suspects, but in the end it turned out to be a total random person, and sure, there might be hints leading to it. But it was midnight, I was tired after a busy day and I just couldn’t see the hints. Maybe next time I read it (in a few years), I will see the hints.

Now on the friends/boyfriend part. Gosh, that was really the most annoying thing happening in the book. Every time something went wrong in the sorority, Jenna and Brendan were there like vultures seeking prey. Constantly nagging Maxie to just live in the normal dorms again. And I can tell you, hearing that said like 10+ times in a book gets really urgh.
Then we have the whole boyfriend and best friend do not want to understand that the sorority takes a bit of life away from them part. Maxie really did try to make offers, try to invite her friends to her parties, try to do things with them, but they were just bitchy about it. Like they expected her to be on call 24/7/365. Guys, this is not how friendship works. You are all like 18+, you all have your own lives as well, respect that and be happy she actually tries to make time for you.

The mystery/horror was decent, not really scary or creepy, though I did get a bit of goosebumps a few times.

And I know I said I am happy that books don’t have a supernatural touch? Meh, I am over that. This is like the 3rd or so book from this series now without supernatural and I miss it. Hoping that the next book(s) I will read will have it again.


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