Review for Student Body

Review for Student Body

601568A very dark, and finally, one without a happy ending!

Sorry, I just get tired of all the sappy, OMG we live happily ever after endings. I just need a bad ending sometimes.

Well let just say I was also shaking my head at the sheer stupidity that these kids had. Oh hey, there is a clear sign that we SHOULDN’T do open fire, eh who cares. I want hot dogs! Let’s go! Oh dear, and now the forest is on fire, let’s run away and not tell anyone………. wait… wait, what?? And thus the whole book is mostly about them feeling slightly guilty (well, ok, mostly 3 or so of the group) and them threatening their friends when it seems they might just snap and confess something to the authorities. Oh, and did I mention murder attempts? Lots of them. Sorry, for once I didn’t feel sorry for the main character, nor was I worried. They left their best friend behind, didn’t care or whatever to go back. What kind of friends are you? To care more about your school career and such than a friend they have known for a while.

The who-done-it was easy. I had two suspects, and well since one couldn’t really do much that one fell off and I kept one person. Who indeed turned out to be the one doing all the bad stuff. And why? Well just read and you will shake your head at the pettiness of it all.

This was also the one book I just didn’t like, I had no sympathy whatsoever for the characters and I was just cheering when the ending came.


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