Review for The Curse of Camp Cold Lake

Review for The Curse of Camp Cold Lake

240979_Sch_GBColdLake.cvr.indd_0.tifDidn’t like this one at all. It sounded so great, but it turned out to be horrendously boring and annoying.

This is mostly the fault of our main character. Dear Lord, that girl has an attitude and such a spoiled little brat. Constantly whining and wanting to get her way, not caring about anyone else until, of course, it is too late.
I hated her plan. Oh hey, let’s make everyone love me. Guess what, I am going to drown myself. Because that is sooooo super awesome. *rolls eyes* Yeah sure girl, that is a brilliant idea.
I am not one to say this often: But she deserved all the stuff that came over her. I didn’t feel anything of sadness for her.

I also didn’t like any of the people in the camp. The bunkmates, the counsellors. On the counsellors, I really disliked them, totally not checking the other side of a story, immediately believing the others and not listening to our main character. Sorry, but you as counsellor have a job to listen and to not pick one side immediately.

There were also various parts in the story that just didn’t match up. Like with Briana or with Della doing stuff, yet no one noticing. I was like: Wait? She is skiing on the lake, something happens, blababa and no one noticed? No one sees things go wrong? It was very strange, especially considering that they are so big on safety warnings and rules.

The ending, meh, disappointed much, especially considering I am wondering how everyone still saw that girl, unless I missed something, but I just checked back, and there are various things like high fives, chats and other things happening, yet that girl is dead?? Um, plot hole much? Or is everyone suddenly psychic, though they couldn’t be because they can’t see Della. Super confusing and also a reason for a lot of minus points.

All in all, this is one book I won’t recommend.


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