Review for The Ghost Prison

Review for The Ghost Prison

17845816A small review for a small book.

Yes, this book is small, and out of those 98 pages a lot are illustrations, some stretching over 2 pages.

I did love it, it was the perfect length, everything was said (in detail) and in just 98 pages we find out about our main character, about the prison, about the ghost stories, about well a whole lot. And I at times just had goosebumps because I could just imagine myself there.

The main character was really great and I really was cheering for him. Doing such a dangerous job (you would think prison guard is easy, well not in that age and not in that prison) and getting used to all the ghosts that haunted the place.

The ending? I did not see that coming. Wow, I was expecting something totally different, but instead got a nice twist as ending. Definitely getting +points for that! It doesn’t always fit a book, sometimes twist endings frustrate me, other times, like this book, it fits and it is just perfect. Giving me goosebumps or making me go: “Ohhhhh!”.

The illustrations are really good and I loved the style.

Once again Joseph Delaney wrote a great book, and I would really recommend this one if you are searching for a short and scary read!


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