Review for The Matchbox Mysteries

Review for The Matchbox Mysteries

19545050So I didn’t like this one as much as I did with the other books.

I felt like Emily, for me the main character, barely got any attention. And there are just too many characters and I was confused at times. First Emily, then Fidget, then Gravel, then Herbie and so on and on. We also got multiple plot lines hopping over each other. We got Herbie + Shrunken cars mystery + Harpella + Evil Broomstick + Romance + x amount of other things. Everything came together in the end and some things were solved, but it was just so confusing and I skipped some of the Gravel parts because I didn’t care about them and just wanted to see how Emily was doing.

We also barely have any shop stuff, due to things happening and it going on lock-down again.

However, I did enjoy the story (even though it was confusing) and I really loved to find out about Poppy and her (not so big) mystery. And it was really fun to see Harpella back and see that she is as mean as she always was.

Throughout the book I was thinking that it sounded a lot like this being the end of the book, however, now with the ending I am correcting it and saying that I am sure there will be many more books coming out. So much is still unsolved and I am sure we have enough fairies without wings.

The illustrations were intriguing again (I really have to get used to the style).

I really loved our main characters (even though they didn’t get much of a spotlight). Emily is still awesome and thank Lord for portraying her as a little girl who still doesn’t know everything. I truly hate it when the main character is a little boy or girl and they magically know everything there is. With Emily you can truly see she is 9 year old.

All in all, it was a good book and I am really looking forward to the rest of the series. Hopefully with more Emily. 🙂


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