Review for The Outpost

Review for The Outpost

17286883Due to me being sick, but still wanting to write a review I will just do a small good/bad review.

-Romance between Fade. Finally, took them long enough, though at around the ending (no spoilers) it saddened me.
-The village and the description of it + history.
-I loved how Deuce started calling the Oaks as mom/dad/mother/father. And how she slowly broke down her walls and started to hug them, started showing affection to those she loved, for someone who never was taught that, for someone who never had a chance to develop such feelings it was a big step and I was just cheering for Deuce.
-More Deuce, I loved how willingly she was to learn (only not in school, but I can imagine why. No one wants to sit with little ones and be made fun of because they never got taught the basics of reading/writing and so on).
-The answers we got about the freaks! Yay! Finally we find out a bit more about them. I will still call them zombies though, due to their nature and the fact they still eat and kill people.
-The cover. I love it! It was super creepy and it made me love the book more (yes I am a real cover lover).

-The Love Triangle between Stalker, Deuce and Fade. Seriously guys… Deuce is also not helping due to her not knowing about feelings/relationships and such. She doesn’t understand that she hurt Fade by acting the way she did.
I really got tired of the constant quarrels between them, the constant tension. Come on guys, I am reading this book for the zombies, not for constant drama between 2 guys and 1 girl.
-Deuce, she was at times just a bit awkward and weird. She knew the right words now, but kept using the older names. Instead of saying people, she still called those who got kids: breeders and the ones who made stuff: builders. Same for some other words. It just felt out of context here.
-The ending. I know, I know there is a third book (I am reading it), but seriously? All that tension, all that dramatic stuff? And you will just have to read the 3rd book to find out what happens. Urgh.

All in all, the book was 90% good and I really loved it, it is really becoming a favourite series of mine. I would really recommend this series to everyone.


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