Review for the Outside

Review for the Outside

20256623It was a bit confusing (since it has been 2 years since I read the first book (stupid paperback release dates)), but after a few pages I eased back in the book and was back in the rhythm of the series.

4.5 stars.

Another good and bad review (sorry guys, still sick and I really want to write at least something).

The good!
-Katie. I really loved Katie in the previous book and I do love her in here. I am glad to see that even though she got thrown out of her place, she still keeps to her religion and to the ways she has known. However, you do see her take effort in learning about the new world, you see her change.
-The Vampires. Oh My, I really loved the vampires in the previous book, and this one isn’t any different. Unlike some books these vampires are properly scary, they are the real deal. And I had goosebumps quite often, and yes a few nights that I didn’t like darkness all that much.
-The travelling, we see them travel throughout the scary world, searching for safe havens in between all scary stuff.
-The action. Wow this one had soooo much action, it was in one word awesome!
-The medicine/potential cure.
-The romance, yes, like the previous book we have some romance. It develops more and more and I was just cheering for the two of them. They are different (especially religion-wise), but they still match so well.
-The bravery of the characters.
-The wolf (and the zoo parts).

The bad!
-The death of a certain character. No spoilers, but let’s just say I was really sad to see this person go.
-The fact we will have to wait for another 2+ years for the sequel to come out in paperback, if not longer.
-The discussions about religion. At times I just got bored with it all. I can understand why it was put in, and sure it is a big part of the book, but it needs to balanced.

As you can see a lot more goods than bads, and all in all I would recommend this book to everyone!


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