Review for The Princess In Black

Review for The Princess In Black

20708771A really awesome story about a kick-ass princess!

A bit sad that my book got in a bit damaged. 🙁 I don’t know what they did there where I bought it, but there are big, deep folds in some of the pages and the bookwrapper is also a bit dented/folded. Come on people, I buy the book from your place, make sure it gets to my place in one piece.

Now for the review.

I heard about this book through twitter several months ago and I knew I just had to get this. I like princesses, but I love them even more when they are kick-ass and do awesome stuff like defending their kingdom and their people!

And my oh my, our princess in this book is just awesome, on one side being a prim and proper lady, drinking chocolate and eating scones, on the other side being a kick-ass heroine. She apparently can balance them quite well, given how the Duchess had a hard time finding anything that wasn’t part of her perfect princess personality.

I loved the monsters, they aren’t really scary, more goofy and stupid. Oh and fluffy. Now if only they didn’t eat goats or such.
Monster smell goats, thinks about why he can’t go up, forgot reason why and goes up. Same goes for when he goes down, instantly forgetting why upstairs is dangerous, I can see him coming back again and again.

The illustrations are pretty and I really enjoyed them, they made the story even better and made it come alive.

I see this will have more books? I do hope so, since I would love to see more of our princess, maybe a book about how she came to be a superhero, since there is always a backstory about such a thing!

All in all I would really recommend this book. Children and adults will really love this magical and kick-ass book!


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