Review for The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight

Review for The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight

125544Scarecrows scare the hell out of me, even the ones that look comical.

There is just something sinister and creepy about them, standing in a big field full of crops. *shivers*

So yeah, I was looking forward to this book, and in a way I was not disappoint. It was at times really creepy and it gave me goosebumps, but at other times I was just annoyed with other things. Like the characters.

Stanley was so annoying. Seriously, one of the reasons to give this book -1.5 stars. If Stanley wasn’t here I think it would have gotten a higher rating.
And that ending, seriously they didn’t kick him out? Sorry, but if I was a boss, and this was one of my workers, I would have fired him.
Stanley threatened people, hurt people, made them obey to their wishes. And what do they do? They keep him? Sorry, but I know he is mentally handicapped, but come on, no. Just no. Fire him. Don’t give him back that book. Burn the book!!
Now I am sure he can just continue on and on with his stupid stuff and I am sure we will get a rewind of whatever happened again soon.

The whole joke with “You never know what Stanley will say” got old and boring after 3 times of hearing it, but sadly it continues throughout the book.

I didn’t like Sticks, he was rude, mean and I felt like the book would have been better had he been left out.

I also didn’t get the grandparents. They could have confined in someone, anyone to tell about the problems they have. But they didn’t. They practically ruined the kids their vacation with how they acted.

But all in all it was a decent book, though I wouldn’t recommend it.


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