Review for The Scream Team

Review for The Scream Team

1792798I am not sure if I will write a review for every book I have in this series, but we will see. 🙂

This one disappointed me a bit. The series is called Nightmare Hall, yet this one doesn’t take place in that hall at all. Sure it is all still taking place in the same university/college, but it was a shame that the only time we heard about Nightmare Hall was in whispers and rumours. I had hoped that this book would also take place there.

It seems like that whole college/university is cursed though. In this book we have Cheerleaders and everything that goes wrong. Apparently Nightmare Hall isn’t the only place with a bad past, there is a Red Woman/Girl wandering around other parts.
Seriously, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere near that school if it was me.

Unlike the previous book I didn’t entirely like our main character Delle. She was at times a bit of an idiot. Sure she was honest, but I think at times she should just have kept silent. Now people were looking at her strangely and when things happened she was often blamed. Not entirely her fault since someone was targeting cheerleaders, but come on.
I did love her attitude and how hard she worked to get into the team, how she kept pushing herself to be better. And I really liked how easily she seemed to make friends with people.

There were 2 people I didn’t like at all. The Co-captain girl and also the coach. I didn’t like the attitude of the Co-captain girl and how jealous she kept acting, how bitchy she acted towards Delle.
Then we have the coach. Gosh, really some people shouldn’t become coaches. She was a total bitch, not once believing Delle. Why would Delle smoke, seriously, she is an athlete and she is pretty dedicated, also she clearly been saying like infinity time that she didn’t smoke. Yet the coach kept saying it and saying it and saying it. I just wanted to slap the coach. You keep talking about teamwork, but that teamwork also goes for you. You also have to trust your students.

The murderer? Let’s just say there were hints (yes, lots of them), but this time I didn’t really find out who the murderer was until the very end. It was quite a surprise, though thinking back, there were indeed many signs leading up to that person.

All in all, a good story and I really enjoyed it.


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