Review for The Sleeper and the Spindle

Review for The Sleeper and the Spindle

9781408859643Neil Gaiman + Chris Riddell = a dream combination!

And it indeed is. We have the wonderful imaginary tale written by Neil Gaiman and get gorgeous illustrations by Chris Riddell.

I truly enjoyed this book. We have a woman who is probably Snow White (hints everywhere, dwarfs + stepmother + sleeping in a coffin) and we have Sleeping Beauty.

I adored Snow White, she is way more kick-ass than I normally know her, so I was cheering for her when she picked up her horse, said bye bye to her prince and then went with the dwarfs to fix the sleep problem that was plaguing her kingdom. My, oh my, she looked really awesome in that outfit of hers. Though I do wonder, why all the skulls? It just didn’t fit her that much, and at times the skulls were placed at an awkward angle that it seemed like censoring.

The story itself is really pretty and at times gave me goosebumps. Because, seriously, sleeping people should stay asleep, not walk around like slo-mo-zombies!!! Add to that the fact we get pictures of said zombies and voilà even more goosebumps.

And something I rarely have seen outside of Japanese manga, we get a kiss between 2 woman. Ok, ok, sure it was to wake up a certain somebody, but still it was a lovely kiss and I was cheering to see this in an English book.

The illustrations, oh my I was just drooling over it. Chris Riddell’s art is just gorgeous, I just kept looking and kept finding little details. The illustrations are black and white with a few hints of bronze/gold. I really liked it. Simplistic yet beautiful.

All in all I would truly recommend this book to everyone. Might not be for the truly little ones (due to some scenes), but I am sure older children and adults will love this one.


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