Review for the Vivian Apple Series

Review for the Vivian Apple Series

17825130This good/bad review is for the whole series, since I feel like they could easily be one book.

Good things!

-The plot/story. At first you think it is all apocalypse and everything is real (the rapture, the churches and so on), but then slowly you will find out that nothing is what it seems. There is a whole lot of mystery surrounding the apocalypse, the raptures and also the Church of America. And step by step you will find out what happened, what is going on, where did people go?
I really did like the whole cult thing (since that is what I would call the Church of America), it is really interesting to see how people are swayed, how people are manipulated into believing something. How people believe something and don’t have a single doubt about it and its motives. And sure I was shaking my head at the stupidity of people, come on, if you read the bible (the real one) you would know this is all a hoax. Sadly, something I see happening in more books, the bible and the texts regarding such an event as rapture are totally forgotten. Interesting to see it happening and that nobody questions it.
-The characters, well ok, that was mostly a hit and miss situation. Vivian was at times so awesome, but at other times, she was such a moron (more on that in the bad things). I did love Harp, she was a great character and I loved how kick-ass she was. How she just kept going and going, sticking to her best friend no matter what happens. Also I loved her blog posts!
-The roadtrip that happened in book 1. I loved it, it was really fun to see them go on a roadtrip through the US and find friends (new and old).
-Peter + Vivian. Though they have their ups and downs, I really loved seeing them together.
-On that note: Harp and Vivian. Dang, they are a great duo, even though they couldn’t be more different, they still stick together and help each other out when one of them has crazy plans.
-The covers.

Bad Things!
-Vivian. Dear Lord, she was at times such an idiot. Making decisions without thinking, doing all kinds of stuff without thinking, going into buildings alone. Now I hear you say, but that last one isn’t such a stupid thing. But what if I told you that the building she is going into is the headquarters of the Church of America? Ah, yes, then you find her stupid, no? And why is she breaking in? Well, just to meet her sweetheart. Aww, romance. rolls eyes
-The Apocalypse. Is it real? Or not? That is one question that remains with me, there are indeed lots of hints to it, but nothing is truly clear. Which is a shame.
-The ending. I don’t mind open endings, but with this kind of book I had expected a closed ending.

As you can see, more good points than bad points. I really did love this series, it was a great one and while I am still hoping for a third one, I know that probably won’t happen.

Would I recommend this series? Yes, yes I would.


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