Review for the Wolf Children Ame and Yuki Vol.1 and Vol.2

Review for the Wolf Children Ame and Yuki Vol.1 and Vol.2

9784041206201Review for Vol.1 and 2. Volume 3 will get its own review whenever I can find that one.

I absolutely adored the anime (rated it a 10, which is quite an honour for an anime to receive from me), and well I can say this, the manga is also good, but it lacks what the anime had, the voices, the emotions, the colours. The manga is exactly the same as the anime, which also made me lose interest at times, because I already knew the story, knew already what would happen.

I was also a bit disturbed by one part, the first time Hana and Ookami had sex. They had sex while he was still in his werewolf form. Now everyone should have sex any way they want, but I was still disturbed. Couldn’t he have, well like, turned back to human or something?

And of course, no protection or whatsoever (Seriously I see this happen a lot. Hey let’s have sex, and why should we protect ourselves???).
It amazes me that the pregnancies went without much of a problem. I would expect that little werewolf babies wouldn’t be really do-able for a human girl, but it seems it went fine.

I cried when a certain event happened and when Hana had to take care of her 2 little ones all alone. And yeah, she does her best and works her ass off to care for them, but they are still wolves at times, so she can’t put them in school, daycare or take them to the doctor that easily and they get into problems. I am glad she could find them a new home, a home that wasn’t too expensive and where they could live in peace and happiness.

Quite early on you can already see who is happy as a wolf and who not. You see both kids grow up, find out about life, about humans, about love and about friendship. There are problems and they get fixed. I loved how everyone in the little village all helped Hana, helped her grow crops, gave her stuff so she could live happily.

I loved all the characters, each of them had their strengths and weaknesses and they all fight/do their best to have a good and happy life.

The second volume ends with a kind of cliffhanger. Which I don’t really mind since the anime already told me the ending, but I am still curious if the ending the anime had, is also the same ending for this one.

I would recommend this manga to people, however I would also recommend the movie. It all depends on what you like to see/read first.


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